Russ’ Newsletter​: Vol. 5, No. 7 – The Alaskan Connection + Happy Birthday Nate and Abby

Hey Gang-

Don’t know about you but it’s been a scorcher of a summer on my end. I’ve been full-stop for the past few months on multiple fronts, and to put an amazing cap on the past year, my bundles of joy Nate and Abby celebrate their first birthday next week. It’s been truly amazing to watch and experience. And if the next few … decades are anything like this last year, I cannot wait to see what’s next. Liz and I are truly blessed, and on top of everything else, those kids crack me up! They are freakin’ hilarious.

And with Abby just starting to walk and Nate starting to discover his inner Bart Simpson-like instinct for causing mayhem, here’s what else I’ve been up to:

* I’ve been having some fun these past weeks now that Finders Keepers is officially on the shelves of Barnes & Noble! It’s in five NYC locations and a bunch in Seattle, plus Anchorage, Alaska (and others around the country … including Rockville, MD). I’ve dropped by some of the NYC locations to sign them, so if you happen upon them there, you’ll get an autographed copy. For a full list of Barnes & Noble locations nationwide where you can find Finders Keepers, see below.

* July wrapped up my summer book signing schedule, where I made stops at the Long Island Toy Show and the East Hanover Comic Book Expo. Not my best shows sales-wise, as they were not quite the right venues for me, but I continued to get the word out and make some new friends. I’ll be taking a convention break, but will be back later in the year. And though I sat out the San Diego Comic-Con this year, I’m hoping to make my return in 2012. Stay tuned.

* Keeping the momentum moving forward, I will be unveiling my new Web site some time this month!

Because of the various projects I’m involved with and the multi-tiered marketing programs in the works, it was time to revamp the site and give you guys a snazzier, cleaner destination where I can upload new blog posts and photos, make all sorts of announcements and otherwise make myself available to those Hollywood folks who absolutely MUST have my book for themselves and get that movie in motion! Look for a launch notice any week now.

* Speaking of Hollywood, I’ve got a pretty intense marketing program in the works — with some pretty awesome participants — and now that I’ve consulted some filmmakers, the project itself has grown in scope. Hate to be secretive here, but until I’ve got all the elements locked down I’m going to play this one a little bit close. But trust me. It’s in motion. And it’s very cool.

* And lest you think I forgot to mention, my second novel Crossline is still speeding along. I’m in the final revisions now, and then I turn the manuscript over to a top-notch editor I know who gave me critical feedback on Finders Keepers that helped make it the success it is today. So I think I’ve got the right guy to also help me get Crossline to where it needs to be.

That’s all she wrote for this edition. I’ll be back around Labor Day for a final summer announcement, where I’ll be sharing the latest news on Finders Keepers and report back on Nate and Abby’s first birthday party, which should be awesomeness supreme.

All the Best!



Finders Keepers in Barnes & Noble:

#2988 – Fox Run Crossings, 45 Gosling Rd, Portsmouth, NH

#2791 – 235 Daniel Webster Hwy,Nashua,NH

#2966 – 98 Middlesex Pkwy,Burlington,MA

#2957 – 60 Pine St., Pacific  Place, DowntownSeattle,WA

#2965 – 106 Court Street,Brooklyn,NY

#2784 – 200 East Northern Lights Blvd, Anchorage, AK

#2876 – 267 7th Avenue, Park Slope,Brooklyn,NY

#2942 – Hacienda Crossings, 4972 Dublin Blvd, Dublin, CA

#2575 – 1201 3rd St Promenade,Santa Monica,CA

#2281 – Kitsap Mall, 10315 Silverdale Way, Silverdale, WA

#2280 – Northgate Mall, 401 NE Northgate Way, Seattle, WA

#1979 – 82nd and Broadway, NY,NY

#2278 – 86th & Lexington, NY, NY

#2262 – Clackamass Town Center Mall,Portland, OR

#2536 – Arboretum, 10,000 Research Blvd., Austin Texas

#2703 – Spectrum Center,1851 Fountain Dr.,Reston,VA

#2573 – University Village,2675 NE University Village St.,Seattle,  WA

#2675 – Union Square – NY, NY

#2234 – 555 Fifth Avenune, NY,NY

#2764 – 12089 Rockville Pike, Montrose Crossing, Rockville,MD

#2238 – Tysons Corner Mall,McLean,VA

#2275 – 131 Colonie Centre, Albany,NY

Russ’ Newsletter​, Vol. 5, No. 6 — Barnes & Noble, July 4th Sale + Convention Schedule

Hey Gang-

I hope everybody had a great July 4th weekend. Besides their first Independence Day, so far this summer Liz and I also took Nate and Abby on their very first family vacation to Rehoboth Beach in Delaware, where we all soaked up some pool time and stared out at the ocean as the sun set. Plus, Liz and I had our very first weekend away together — without the babies — notching up some beach and restaurant time at Spring Lake, NJ, while my in-laws had a wonderful weekend babysitting their grandkids. They very seriously thought about not giving Nate and Abby back, but exhaustion changed their minds!

And on that note, I’ve got a slew of summer fun to share about Finders Keepers:

* A few months back I announced that Small Press United signed me to a deal to distribute Finders Keepers to booksellers across the country. Well, we’re starting to see some momentum! It’s still early in the process, but to date, Barnes & Noble has ordered more than 50 copies of Finders Keepers, to be sold in various locations! Not sure yet which particular stores will be carrying it, but it sure is a good feeling to know that at long last Finders Keepers will be on the shelves. I will update as I know more.

* Speaking of being on the shelves, I am extending the Finders Keepers summer sale throughout the month! To order you signed copy of Finders Keepers for the freakin’ sweet summer sale price of just $10, visit:

Plus FREE shipping in the U.S!

* But wait. You say you want to see me in person at a convention this summer. Well … you’re in luck! Throughout July you have not one, but two chances to stop by my booth where I’ll be selling and autographing copies of Finders Keepers. Here’s where you can find me:

Long IslandToy Show,
Holiday Inn Hotel, 215 Sunnyside Blvd, Plainview, NY
– July 17

East Hanover Comic Book Expo, Ramada Inn Conference Center
Hotel, Ramada Inn Conference Center Hotel, 130 Rt 10 West, East Hanover, NJ
– July 23

* In addition, the latest round of reviews are in. Check out this one from Ruled by Books, who said: “[Finders Keepers is] incredibly funny. … When [Colchamiro] becomes a best seller, you’ll be able to say you knew him when.” For the full review, click here:

* And for this month’s shout-out, if you haven’t already, check out the collective works of Rich Henn (Zoomies, Timespell,, Finders Keepers publisher and cover artist Rich Koslowski (BB Wolf and the 3 LPs, The King, The List, 3 Geeks, and JD Arnold (BB Wolf and the 3 LPs,, will all be attending this year’s San Diego Comic-Con. They are all excellent creators and big Finders Keepers supporters, so even though I won’t be there for the usual summer mayhem, join me with them in spirit.

That’s all she wrote for this edition. I’ll be back later in the summer with new updates, plus some BIG, BIG plans I’ve got in the works.

All the Best,



Russ’ Newsletter?: Vol. 5, No. 5 – Finders Keepers in Demand Worldwide

Hi Gang-
It’s hot and sunny in NYC, and all I can say is, it’s about time!
So … with summer approaching, here’s the latest and greatest in my adventures in publishing.
* It’s taken a little while, but I seem to have finally broken through with the bloggers and book reviewers out there. In just the past month alone I have gotten more than 15 requests for review copies spanning the globe. Copies have been sent out to reviewers in New York and New Jersey, Ohio, Michigan, Oregon and California, as well as those in Australia, New Zealand, England, Scotland, Denmark and even South Korea!
In fact, the latest review, from a reviewer in the UK (who wrote for Blogcritics), had this to say about Finders Keepers:
Finders Keepers is … a glorified travel guide with the wit and randomness of The Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy. … Funny … gives each character a distinctive voice, [and with a] magnificent cover … which gives the characters the God-like chiseled looks they deserve.”

As the additional reviews start rolling in over the next few months, I’ll be sure to share what I hope will be more good news!

* Speaking of reviews and such, book reviewer Melissa Hayden — and a huge, huge fan of Finders Keepers — did a special Q&A with me, in which I discussed a range of topics, including the origins of Finders Keepers, my loathing of tomatoes and my feelings about talking dogs. You know … the basics. Click here to read more:
* What’s that, you ask? Where can you see me at my next signing? Excellent question! I’ll be taking a few beach trips in June — including the first with Abby and Nate (I can’t wait!) — but I’ll be back on the convention circuit in July. Here are my next scheduled appearances:

Long Island Toy Show, Plainview, NY – July 17
East Hanover Comic Book Expo, East Hanover, NJ – July 23

* I also have a super, super, way way way way way awesomely super cool promotion in motion (yep, I rhymed it sucka!), which I hope to unveil soon. The pieces are still coming together, but this one is gonna be freakin sweet when it comes together. So stay tuned.
* And less you think I forgot, I’m still chugging along on Crossline. I’d say I’m about 75 percent done, and with some good fortune, will have a killer draft done by end of summer. Don’t hold me to it, but I’m working on it!
* And for this month’s shout out, Finders Keepers cover artist and publisher Rich Koslowski was honored with the “Best Artist” Glyph Award for his outstanding work on BB Wolf and the 3LPs, written by good buddy JD Arnold. If you like comics and/or the blues, you’ll want to check this baby out!
That’s all she wrote for this edition, but stay tuned for more updates as the summer unfolds and I’ll have loads to share.
Now go get your sunshine on. Summer’s here!
All the Best,

Russ Colchamiro
Author of Finders Keepers, published by 3 Finger Prints
@findkeepnovel (Twitter)
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To see my video interview at the NY Comic-Con:
To read my Publishers Weekly Q&A:
To buy Finders Keepers via 3 Finger Prints:

Finders Keepers Wins National Distribution Contract

Hailed by Publishers Weekly, Debut Novel by Author Russ Colchamiro

Available to Retailers through Small Press United
Captures Spirit of Douglas Adams, Terry Pratchett, Christopher Moore, Quantum Leap, Time Bandits, The Big Bang Theory

SANTA CRUZ, CA – April 12, 2011: Finders Keepers, the hilarious debut novel from author Russ Colchamiro, has been awarded a national distribution contract with Small Press United (SPU). SPU is a subsidiary of Independent Publishers Group, one of the country’s largest and most sophisticated independent press distributors.

Also available to consumers through publisher 3 Finger Prints, Finders Keepers is a fast-paced, backpacking romp across Europe, New Zealand and the galactic realm of Eternity.
The reviews are in:
“Unique and funny. … A very imaginative writer.” — Publishers Weekly

“Off-the-wall. … Like nothing else I’ve read before.” — SFBook Reviews

“Finders Keepers is a rollicking novel.” — SF & Fantasy Association of New Zealand
“SPU has an outstanding reputation in the publishing world, and its support for Finders Keepers affirms the quality and national appeal of this exhilarating and highly entertaining novel,” said 3 Finger Prints president and Finders Keepers cover artist Rich Koslowski. “We’re looking forward to a long run with SPU, with Finders Keepers hitting bookstores across the country.”
For fans of uproarious sci-fi and fantasy classics such as Hitchhikers’ Guide to the Galaxy, Christopher Moore’s Lamb and A Dirty Job, and Terry Pratchett’s Discworld series, plus TV shows and movies such as Quantum Leap, Time Bandits and The Big Bang Theory, Finders Keepers is a buddy story that mixes chapter-to-chapter cliffhangers with humor, heart, romance, outrageous characters and time-bending, galaxy-twisting pratfalls.
Caught in the netherworld between college and a career, novice traveler Jason Medley and adventuresome Theo Barnes stumble through hash bars and hangovers, religious zealots and stalkers, food poisoning and thunderstorms, saucy girls and overnight trains—and all under the looming specter of adult responsibility.
But when a jar of the Universe’s DNA accidentally drops to Earth from Eternity, these new friends find their loyalties put to the test—unaware that a motley crew from another realm is feverishly chasing them across the globe, with the fate of the Milky Way hanging in the balance.
Finders Keepers is the first in a planned three-book series.

Retailers can order Finders Keepers via (800) 888-4741 or email
Consumers can purchase Finders Keepers via 3 Finger Prints at
ISBN: 978-0-9794801-4-0


About 3 Finger Prints
3 Finger Prints is owned and operated by award-winning comic book artist and writer Rich Koslowski. His impressive collection of work includes the ongoing series, The 3 Geeks; award-winning docu-style Three Fingers; Elvis-themed The King; Santa Clause-meets-Die Hard romp, The List; and the newest project he illustrated, the blues themed BB Wolf and 3 L.P.’s, a re-imagining of the classic tale. Rich is also a regular contributor to Archie Comics, and is a licensed artist for Family Guy and The Simpsons. For a complete listing of 3 Finger Prints titles, visit
About Russ Colchamiro
With the launch of his debut novel, Finders Keepers, Russ Colchamiro is now at work on his second novel, Crossline, and has plans to write at least two more novels in the Finders Keepers series. A former journalist, Russ co-wrote the supernatural comic-book miniseries, Timespell, and has had short fiction published in Moose Bound Press Anthology, Illya’s Honey and Fast Food Blues. He lives in Queens, NY, with his wife, Liz, twin babies Nate and Abby, and their gregarious dog, Simon. Russ encourages you to email him at, and follow him on Facebook and Twitter @FindKeepNovel.

Media Contacts:
Amanda Marsh
3 Finger Prints

Rich Koslowski                                                                               
3 Finger Prints

Russ’ Newsletter?: Vol. 5, No. 4 – Finders Keepers is Award Nominated!

Hi Gang-
It’s looks finally spring is here (or almost here!) and I for one am totally on board! Time for prolonged sunshine!
So as we head into warmer weather (and I officially hit 40 in a few weeks – whoa!), I’ve got tons of exciting Finders Keepers news to report:
This month I attended I-Con, in Stony Brook, NY, where I sold and signed a ton of copies of Finders Keepers, made new fans and friends and got the word out.
Next up I’ll be showcasing Finders Keepers at the 2011 Book Expo America right before Memorial Day at the Javits Center in NYC, and then I’ll be signing copies at the first annual Long Island Toy Show July 17, followed by the East Hanover Comic Book Expo July 23.
* The timing on promotion is actually pitch perfect. It’s book awards season, and Finders Keepers has officially been accepted as a nominee for “Best New Fiction” for two different competitions:

* USA Best Books 2011 Awards
* 2011 Independent Publishers Book Awards

So send out them good vibes, baby!
* While I’m out there pounding the pavement on Finders Keepers, Crossline is alive and well. I’m nearly done with a critical third draft, and now it’s time to hunker down the little changes and nuance that transforms good to great. So I’ll be spending the next few months tightening up the manuscript to deliver one ass-kicking adventure!
* And for this month’s double special shout out, a HUGE smile and hug goes to my girl Liz, who will be celebrating her very first Mother’s Day with our bundles of joy Nate and Abby. With no surprise at all, Liz is a fantastic mother, with the twins sharing her gentle nature and just a joy to be around.
Okay … that’s all she wrote for this edition. I’ll be back soon with new updates about Finders Keepers, Crossline and some other goodies I’ve got in store.

Russ Colchamiro
Author of Finders Keepers, published by 3 Finger Prints
@findkeepnovel (Twitter)
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To read my Publishers Weekly Q&A:
To buy Finders Keepers via 3 Finger Prints:

Russ’ Newsletter?: Vol. 5, No. 3: Finders Keepers in Barnes & Noble?

Hey Gang-
Just battling back from a nasty cold, but as I make my way to recovery I’m happy to report some BIG, BIG NEWS that stands to change things for Finders Keepers in an extremely positive way.
Just this week — in conjunction with Finders Keepers publisher/cover artist Rich Koslowski — we signed a NATIONAL DISTRIBUTION CONTRACT with Small Press United (SPU)!
What does that mean in real terms? I’ll explain:
When you head down to your local Barnes & Noble or Borders (oops!) or Target or mom and pop book store and have a grand ol’ time going through the shelves, where do those books actually come from? How do they actually get from the authors hands to the retail shops?
Well, in the case of Finders Keepers, SPU is, essentially, our sales rep who deals with the book stores. Their job is to sell Finders Keepers to Barnes & Noble and the rest, so that folks across the country (and maybe even globally) can pop down to the book store and find my novel.
So does that change the stakes for Finders Keepers? Uh … you bet yer keister it does!!
Given how the process works, it’ll probably take a few months, but Finders Keepers is now officially part of the retailer world! And if you want your local book store to carry Finders Keepers, head down there and ask that they order copies through Small Press United, an extremely reputable distributor.
To put this contract into perspective, SPU rarely carries a first time novelist, because it can be tough to sell a new author. But because of my success with Publishers Weekly, the positive reviews I’ve gotten, the author endorsements and my persistent marketing, they selected Finders Keepers as one of those very few first time novels.
Don’t know about you, but I’m thinking this is kind of awesome. 🙂
But wait … there’s more!
SPU will also be handling e-book distribution for Finders Keepers. I don’t have the details quite worked out yet, but I will send those around soon. So for all you Kindle-type readers who have been waiting to get an e-version of Finders Keepers, it’s on the way!
And of course for you lovers of books — you know, paper thingamajiggies with words and stuff! — you can always order your signed, personalized copy of Finders Keepers through the 3 Finger Prints Web site at
* And speaking of Finders Keepers, earlier this month I attended Lunacon, an annual sci-fi/fantasy convention in Rye, NY, where I sold (and signed) many copies, spoke on several panels and made some new fans and friends. Overall Finders Keepers was very well received and continues to build momentum.
* I’ll also be attending ICON, in Stonybrook, NY, April 15-17. So anyone in the area who wants to stop by my booth or see me speak on a panel, that’s where you’ll find me.
That’s all she wrote for this edition. Finders Keepers is making major headway, with more great news coming your way. Catch up with you next time.

Russ Colchamiro
Author of Finders Keepers, published by 3 Finger Prints
@findkeepnovel (Twitter)
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To see my video interview at the NY Comic-Con:
To read my Q&A with Publishers Weekly:

Russ’s Newsletter Vol. 5, No. 2 – Convention Season Begins!

Hi Gang-
I hope everyone is finding ways to stay warm as this winter frost keeps on chugging along. Of course, besides Spring Training, the best way to heat up is with your very own copy of Finders Keepers, so if you haven’t had the chance to buys yours yet, I can’t think of a better time!
Now that the shameless plug of this newsletter is over, here’s the latest and greatest with my adventures in publishing:
* You know what time of year it is? If you guessed convention season … you were right! If you’d like to come see me in action, I’ll be selling and signing copies of Finders Keepers at the following events:
* LunaCon – Rye, NY – March 18 – 20
* I-CON – Stonybrook, NY – April 15-17
I’m also hoping to be a speaker on a few panels at these conventions, with details being worked out now. I’ll let you know as it comes together.
* When last we spoke I mentioned that Finders Keepers was selected for a pilot program for Wattpad, with sponsorship from Publishers Weekly. Well, after about 6 weeks with the content made available for free in an e-reader format, approximately 15,000 members have read at least a portion of Finders Keepers, so I’m taking that as kinda awesome news!
* As for my latest project, I’m deep into the editing process of Crossline. The core manuscript is done, and now I’m doing a combination of refining details and moving a few pieces around to tighten the narrative. No official due date yet on a final version, but I’m making major headway.
* And for this issue’s shout-out, let’s all send some good vibes to the families who suffered in the New Zealand earthquakes. I have friends in New Zealand — including my buddy Karl (the inspiration for Theo Barnes in Finders Keepers), so the Kiwis are always near and dear to my heart. In fact, Karl’s father passed away recently from a long illness, so there’s extra reason to keep them in your thoughts. And for those of you who don’t know, Karl’s dad was the inspiration for yet another Finders Keepers character, so his memory is immortalized within those pages.
OK. That’s all she wrote for this edition. I’ll be back soon with more updates, and hopefully a few new juicy announcements to share.

Russ Colchamiro
Author of Finders Keepers, published by 3 Finger Prints
@findkeepnovel (Twitter)
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To buy Finders Keepers via 3 Finger Prints:
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Russ’s Newsletter: Special Edition – Publishers Weekly Q&A

Hi Gang-

Just a quick follow up, but I wanted to call your attention to some new Finders Keepers activity.

The folks at Publishers Weekly have been incredibly supportive of Finders Keepers, and they have continued that support with a special Q&A they did about me and how the novel came together and what I’m working on next.

We did the interview over the Christmas holiday, and now it’s up online at the Publishers Weekly Web site.;

In addition, the gang at Wattpad have been equally supportive, including promoting the Publishers Weekly Q&A on their Web site and on Twitter.

Forget the frost, things are heating up, baby!

Stay tuned for more updates …


Russ Colchamiro
Author of Finders Keepers, published by 3 Finger Prints;;
@findkeepnovel (Twitter)
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To see my video interview at the NY Comic-Con:;

To read the Finders Keepers prologue, free:;

To buy Finders Keepers via;;

To buy Finders Keepers via 3 Finger Prints:;

To buy the Finders Keepers e-book:;

Russ’s Newsletter: Vol. 5, Issue 1 – Holy Global Wattpad, Batman!

Happy New Year everyone-
I trust that you had a festive and joyous holiday season filled with smiles and relaxation.
And now that we’re into 2011 and dealing with the winter frost, let me warm you up with the latest and greatest with my adventures in publishing and other goofy stuff.
First off, my best dog Simon is finally, finally close to full strength. He had a few minor setbacks during the healing process, but he’s doing really well. He had the last of his sutures removed, and we’re off to see the surgeon this weekend for what he hope will be Simon’s final x-ray. With good fortune we’ll get the OK to let him run, jump and be the all around nutball he loves to be.
And, of course, my bundles of joy Abby and Nate are whumpin’ up a storm, gigglin’ and smilin’ and having a grand ole time. Hard to believe, but they’re already almost 6 months old. Yikes!
Shifting over to the the movie front, my annual Top 10 List is finally up. To check out my favorites for 2010, click here:
Now, onto Finders Keepers ….
* If you remember, the folks over at Publishers Weekly gave Finders Keepers a big thumbs review ( Well, they liked my book so much that they interviewed me a few weeks back for a stand-alone article, due to come out any day now. Once it’s up, I’ll be sharing that sucker for sure!
* And as the momentum builds for Finders Keepers, I’ve actually gotten involved in a very cool project that came about quite unexpectedly. For those of you who don’t know, Wattpad ( is a Web site that launched about five years ago for the purpose of giving unpublished (or underpublished) authors a venue to promote their work in an e-reader format. The way the site works is that, as an author, you post your work for free, for a designated period, with the goal of building up a following among readers who probably wouldn’t have found your project anyway, and that word spreads like wildfire.
Here’s Wattpad by the numbers:

* 5 million Monthly Unique Visitors
* Users spend 300 minutes on Wattpad/month
* Users spend avg. of 30 min/session on Wattpad, twice a day
* 1 million apps downloaded/month
* #1 BlackBerry App
* top 7 eReading app in App World

Well … because of the Publishers Weekly review, Wattpad invited me as only one of five authors — in the world — to join a pilot program (co-sponsored by Publishers Weekly) in which Wattpad is putting a ton of support behind me.
I’ve agreed to post Finders Keepers on the Wattpad site for free in an e-reader format through March 31, 2011 to give the momentum a chance to build. The readers are predominantly women, and under the age of 28. 
Through this pilot program, Wattpad has agreed to the following:

* Promote my Publishers Weekly Q&A
* Include a link to my Comic-Con video interview
* Has an automatic link to Facebook and Twitter

Plus … remember those character illustrations on my Web site? Well, Wattpad is posting them on their site — with links to Facebook and Twitter — about one per week over the three months, as a way to promote Finders Keepers.
In addition, I’m providing one guest blog per week through the run of Finders Keepers.
After just three weeks, I’ve already gotten about 6,200 reads of Finders Keepers, which means that’s how many people have at least clicked on the first page. So … it’s tough to say what kind of real world implications this is going to have for Finders Keepers, but at that very least it’s a rockin’ way to start off the year.
* My paperwork is submitted and I’m just waiting for confirmation about Lunacon, a small but important sci-fi show in Rye, N.Y., March 18. I’m scheduled to share a table there with fellow writer James Chambers, where I’ll be selling and signing copies of Finders Keepers, and, hopefully be a speaker on at least a panel or two. I’m also hoping to have a booth at ICON, a big sci-fi show in Stonybrook, Long Island, in late April. Details to come ..
* And lest you think it’s all Finders Keepers, think again! I’m still plugging away on Crossline, with my goal of having a butt kicking draft by late spring. My process involves many rounds of edits, but slowly but surely I’m chiseling away to get this bad boy in shape.
* And for this issue’s shout out, please join me in congratulating Pip Green, from England, who won the Finders Keepers international holiday contest. She now has her very own copy, autographed by yours truly. Congrats Pip!
That’s all she wrote for this time around. I’ll be back in a few weeks with more updates, and if the dominoes fall the right way, I’ll be able to reveal a few other items I’ve got brewing …

Russ Colchamiro
Author of Finders Keepers, published by 3 Finger Prints
@findkeepnovel (Twitter)
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To read the Finders Keepers prologue, free:
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To buy Finders Keepers via 3 Finger Prints:
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Russ’s Newsletter Vol. 4, Issue 11: Publishers Weekly Digs Finders Keepers!

Hi Gang-

Wow. What a year it’s been. Two incredible kids, a new book and more adventures to come.

And as this is my final newsletter of the year, I wanted to share some especially good news that’s unfolded recently. Finders Keepers has been getting some excellent reviews. In particular, I’d like to point out these three:

“Finders Keepers is a rollicking novel. … This book should be read and promoted.” –Science Fiction & Fantasy Association of New Zealand

“Hilarious. … Touching. … Thrilling. … If ‘On the Road’ had sex with ‘Hitchiker’s Guide to the Galaxy,’ it would be [Finders Keepers]!” –
“Unique and funny [with] … style and panache. … [Finders Keepers is] a strong debut from a very imaginative writer.” — Publishers Weekly
What makes the Publishers Weekly review so important is the publication’s role in the book industry. For those of you who don’t know, Publishers Weekly is read by agents, publishers, distributors, reviewers and … bookstore owners — i.e., people who buy books in bulk to carry in their stores.
And there’s more! Publishers Weekly liked Finders Keepers so much that they’ve asked to interview me about my book for a special Q&A next week!
So … getting a thumbs up from Publishers Weekly is getting the book industry Bible’s stamp of approval. And that’s worth something, with the potential to open a lot of doors.
* Speaking of Finders Keepers … with the year coming to a close, the 3 Finger Prints special holiday sale will only last another week, so for those of you who want to get this ‘rollocking’ adventure at the best price in town — and I know that you do — jump on the Finders Keepers sale while you still can!
* And for this very special shout out, I want to thank my wife Liz, who makes all the wonderful elements of my life possible. She’s kind and supportive, beautiful, has a great sense of humor and is a terrific mother to my bundles of joy Nate and Abby (and my best dog Simon, who’s still on the mend from his busted leg). And beyond all else … Liz is my girl. I can’t think of a greater gift.
Okay, folks. That’s all she wrote for this edition. I’ll be back in 2011 with all new updates about Finders Keepers, Crossline (yep, still working on that bad boy) and a few new tricks up my sleeve.

Happy New Year!

Russ Colchamiro
Author of Finders Keepers, published by 3 Finger Prints
@findkeepnovel (Twitter)
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To buy the Finders Keepers e-book:
To see my video interview at the NY Comic-Con:
To read the Finders Keepers prologue, free:

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