Russ’ Newsletter?: Vol. 5, No. 5 – Finders Keepers in Demand Worldwide

Hi Gang-
It’s hot and sunny in NYC, and all I can say is, it’s about time!
So … with summer approaching, here’s the latest and greatest in my adventures in publishing.
* It’s taken a little while, but I seem to have finally broken through with the bloggers and book reviewers out there. In just the past month alone I have gotten more than 15 requests for review copies spanning the globe. Copies have been sent out to reviewers in New York and New Jersey, Ohio, Michigan, Oregon and California, as well as those in Australia, New Zealand, England, Scotland, Denmark and even South Korea!
In fact, the latest review, from a reviewer in the UK (who wrote for Blogcritics), had this to say about Finders Keepers:
Finders Keepers is … a glorified travel guide with the wit and randomness of The Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy. … Funny … gives each character a distinctive voice, [and with a] magnificent cover … which gives the characters the God-like chiseled looks they deserve.”

As the additional reviews start rolling in over the next few months, I’ll be sure to share what I hope will be more good news!

* Speaking of reviews and such, book reviewer Melissa Hayden — and a huge, huge fan of Finders Keepers — did a special Q&A with me, in which I discussed a range of topics, including the origins of Finders Keepers, my loathing of tomatoes and my feelings about talking dogs. You know … the basics. Click here to read more:
* What’s that, you ask? Where can you see me at my next signing? Excellent question! I’ll be taking a few beach trips in June — including the first with Abby and Nate (I can’t wait!) — but I’ll be back on the convention circuit in July. Here are my next scheduled appearances:

Long Island Toy Show, Plainview, NY – July 17
East Hanover Comic Book Expo, East Hanover, NJ – July 23

* I also have a super, super, way way way way way awesomely super cool promotion in motion (yep, I rhymed it sucka!), which I hope to unveil soon. The pieces are still coming together, but this one is gonna be freakin sweet when it comes together. So stay tuned.
* And less you think I forgot, I’m still chugging along on Crossline. I’d say I’m about 75 percent done, and with some good fortune, will have a killer draft done by end of summer. Don’t hold me to it, but I’m working on it!
* And for this month’s shout out, Finders Keepers cover artist and publisher Rich Koslowski was honored with the “Best Artist” Glyph Award for his outstanding work on BB Wolf and the 3LPs, written by good buddy JD Arnold. If you like comics and/or the blues, you’ll want to check this baby out!
That’s all she wrote for this edition, but stay tuned for more updates as the summer unfolds and I’ll have loads to share.
Now go get your sunshine on. Summer’s here!
All the Best,

Russ Colchamiro
Author of Finders Keepers, published by 3 Finger Prints
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