Russ’s Newsletter Vol. 5, No. 2 – Convention Season Begins!

Hi Gang-
I hope everyone is finding ways to stay warm as this winter frost keeps on chugging along. Of course, besides Spring Training, the best way to heat up is with your very own copy of Finders Keepers, so if you haven’t had the chance to buys yours yet, I can’t think of a better time!
Now that the shameless plug of this newsletter is over, here’s the latest and greatest with my adventures in publishing:
* You know what time of year it is? If you guessed convention season … you were right! If you’d like to come see me in action, I’ll be selling and signing copies of Finders Keepers at the following events:
* LunaCon – Rye, NY – March 18 – 20
* I-CON – Stonybrook, NY – April 15-17
I’m also hoping to be a speaker on a few panels at these conventions, with details being worked out now. I’ll let you know as it comes together.
* When last we spoke I mentioned that Finders Keepers was selected for a pilot program for Wattpad, with sponsorship from Publishers Weekly. Well, after about 6 weeks with the content made available for free in an e-reader format, approximately 15,000 members have read at least a portion of Finders Keepers, so I’m taking that as kinda awesome news!
* As for my latest project, I’m deep into the editing process of Crossline. The core manuscript is done, and now I’m doing a combination of refining details and moving a few pieces around to tighten the narrative. No official due date yet on a final version, but I’m making major headway.
* And for this issue’s shout-out, let’s all send some good vibes to the families who suffered in the New Zealand earthquakes. I have friends in New Zealand — including my buddy Karl (the inspiration for Theo Barnes in Finders Keepers), so the Kiwis are always near and dear to my heart. In fact, Karl’s father passed away recently from a long illness, so there’s extra reason to keep them in your thoughts. And for those of you who don’t know, Karl’s dad was the inspiration for yet another Finders Keepers character, so his memory is immortalized within those pages.
OK. That’s all she wrote for this edition. I’ll be back soon with more updates, and hopefully a few new juicy announcements to share.

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