Blunt Force Rising

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Russ Colchamiro has staked out a territory of sci-fi mystery uniquely his own. With Angela Hardwicke, he mines a vein of pulp fiction gold.” –Nicholas Meyer, writer/director of Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan

Angela Hardwicke is Eternity’s most daring private eye…

Still reeling from a brutal off-world case, Hardwicke and her protégé Eric Whistler are hired by Ther’eda Ranadyne, the realm’s sole creator of androids, to provide extra security during an industry conference aboard a galaxy cruise ship.

Isolated millions of miles from home, the event quickly devolves into heated arguments between the pro-android community and its detractors, while a murder sets off a harrowing chain of events, the likes of which even Hardwicke has never faced.

In Blunt Force Rising, the claustrophobic fourth novel in Russ Colchamiro’s Angela Hardwicke sci-fi mystery series, she is not only forced to confront unresolved waves of prejudice, bigotry, fear, and trauma… but fight for her very life.

And don’t miss the first the three books in the thrilling series, Crackle and FireFractured Lives, and Hot Ash!

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Blunt Force Rising

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