Russ’ Newsletter?: Vol. 5, No. 3: Finders Keepers in Barnes & Noble?

Hey Gang-
Just battling back from a nasty cold, but as I make my way to recovery I’m happy to report some BIG, BIG NEWS that stands to change things for Finders Keepers in an extremely positive way.
Just this week — in conjunction with Finders Keepers publisher/cover artist Rich Koslowski — we signed a NATIONAL DISTRIBUTION CONTRACT with Small Press United (SPU)!
What does that mean in real terms? I’ll explain:
When you head down to your local Barnes & Noble or Borders (oops!) or Target or mom and pop book store and have a grand ol’ time going through the shelves, where do those books actually come from? How do they actually get from the authors hands to the retail shops?
Well, in the case of Finders Keepers, SPU is, essentially, our sales rep who deals with the book stores. Their job is to sell Finders Keepers to Barnes & Noble and the rest, so that folks across the country (and maybe even globally) can pop down to the book store and find my novel.
So does that change the stakes for Finders Keepers? Uh … you bet yer keister it does!!
Given how the process works, it’ll probably take a few months, but Finders Keepers is now officially part of the retailer world! And if you want your local book store to carry Finders Keepers, head down there and ask that they order copies through Small Press United, an extremely reputable distributor.
To put this contract into perspective, SPU rarely carries a first time novelist, because it can be tough to sell a new author. But because of my success with Publishers Weekly, the positive reviews I’ve gotten, the author endorsements and my persistent marketing, they selected Finders Keepers as one of those very few first time novels.
Don’t know about you, but I’m thinking this is kind of awesome. 🙂
But wait … there’s more!
SPU will also be handling e-book distribution for Finders Keepers. I don’t have the details quite worked out yet, but I will send those around soon. So for all you Kindle-type readers who have been waiting to get an e-version of Finders Keepers, it’s on the way!
And of course for you lovers of books — you know, paper thingamajiggies with words and stuff! — you can always order your signed, personalized copy of Finders Keepers through the 3 Finger Prints Web site at
* And speaking of Finders Keepers, earlier this month I attended Lunacon, an annual sci-fi/fantasy convention in Rye, NY, where I sold (and signed) many copies, spoke on several panels and made some new fans and friends. Overall Finders Keepers was very well received and continues to build momentum.
* I’ll also be attending ICON, in Stonybrook, NY, April 15-17. So anyone in the area who wants to stop by my booth or see me speak on a panel, that’s where you’ll find me.
That’s all she wrote for this edition. Finders Keepers is making major headway, with more great news coming your way. Catch up with you next time.

Russ Colchamiro
Author of Finders Keepers, published by 3 Finger Prints
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