Guest Blog: 3 Finger Prints Announces FINDERS KEEPERS

For this edition, here’s a guest (that is, re-posted) blog from Finders Keeprs publisher and cover artist Rich Koslowski:

Good evening,

I am proud to announce that my first official foray into publishing another creator’s work has finally happened! And that the book, Finders Keepers, by newcomer, Russ Colchamiro, is pretty darn awesome! A cosmic romp that, when I first proof read it, reminded me of a good–nay, GREAT– Terry Pratchett novel. And praise like that doesn’t come lightly as I am a H-U-G-E Terry Pratchett fan.

Russ has managed to write a novel that clicks on all the cylinders I like…Solid plot, great characters and character interaction, sci-fi/fantasy elements, humor, and heart. He’s managed to mix all these elements into a compelling story about how creation was started and the universe continues to be built by some very oddball “cosmic entities.” Who’d’ve ever thunk that the universe’s DNA would be stored in a simple jar???

Anyway, when Russ asked me to proof his copy at Comic-Con a few years back I was excited, flattered and nervous all at the same time. While I had only met him a few days earlier we became fast friends. And although we seemed to share the same likes and dislikes I’m always leery when a friend asks me to proof or review something for them…I mean, there’s always the chance that it stinks, and then whattaya say, right?

Well, I’m publishing the darn thing so there’s your answer!

I even offered to do the cover art I was so enthused!

Here’s a few other nifty reviews by some pretty notable luminaries!…

“In Finders Keepers, Russ Colchamiro invites the reader on an exciting and truly madcap journey. An engaging story that entertains with effervescence. Fantasia in print!” ––Thomas O’Callaghan, internationally best-selling author of Bone Thief and The Screaming Room

“An unpredictable tale of cosmic mayhem, fascinating characters, and universal secrets. Finders Keepers proves Colchamiro is a true original.” — James Chambers, author of Resurrection House and The Midnight Hour.

“ ‘Yes’ to Finders Keepers! Russ Colchamiro created a witty, edgy, funny and adventurous world filled with action, romance and inspiration! Finders Keepers is a great reminder to live life to the fullest!” ––Rob Magnotti, Comedian; Impressionist; Actor

Pretty sweet stuff, hey?

The novel will be debuting at this weekend’s New York Comic-Con at the Jacob Javitz Center. The show runs Fri-Sunday, October 8-10th, and I have a booth #549 where Russ and I will both be signing all weekend. So please come by if you’re there and check out Russ’ slick new novel and all my usual awesome goods as well.




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