A Tornado in Queens, Daddy Time and Hawaii Five-O

September has been a pretty bizarre month so far.
Last week I was at a meeting in Manhattan, which wrapped around 5:30 pm. It was pouring rain outside, so I held back in the lobby of the building I was in, and waited for it to pass. By 5:45, there was barely a drizzle. I had another meeting at 7, and by the time I went to the subway at 8, you would hardly know it had rained.
And then I got off the subway in Queens.
A storefront window was broken, and I thought maybe they got robbed, or just vandalized. then I turned the corner and it was like I was in the middle of a Twilight Zone episode. Trees were down. Cars smashed. Streets blocked off. Sidewalks ripped up. Branches filling up the streets. I haven’t seen that kind of destruction since Hurricane Gloria 25 years ago. A tornado blew through my neighborhood — apparently in just a matter or seconds — and just ripped the place apart. A woman was killed on Queens Blvd. a few blocks from where I live because a tree fell on her car. Luckily, my apartment didn’t suffer any damage, and we didn’t lose power, so all in all I was pretty unaffected, but wow. What a day.
Meanwhile, daddy’s little kids Nate and Abby are doing great, eatin’ and fussin’ and smilin’ and just being the amazing little wonders that they are. They’re already 6 weeks old, which seems just impossible to me, and they’re soooo much bigger than when they were born it kinda freaks me out when I see pictures of them from their very first day. It’s really just the most incredible thing.
And, of course, Finders Keepers is about to debut. That same week I got a FED EX in the mail from the printer for me to OK the final pages. So that was pretty awesome! The final pages are actually printing now ….
In between all this mayhem I’m trying to find time to squeeze in a little TV. I’m psyched to watch Boardwalk Empire and the new Hawaii Five-O. On the movie side, I’d like to see The Town, which looks great, and I’m kinda hoping Red is a fun popcorn movie where things blow up real good. They’ll have to be rentals, ‘cuz my butt ain’t gettin’ to the movies any time soon.
So, that’s my story and I’m sticking with it.
Til next time.

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