Russ’ Newsletter: Vol. 4, Issue 7 – FINDERS KEEPERS Goes on Sale!

Hey Gang-
What an amazing month this has been. Abby and Nate are just absolutely great — being a dad is a trip! — so that alone is a show stopper. And Liz is such a great mom it’s easy to see that our little ones are gonna have her generous spirit.
Simon, however, has had a rough go of it. He decided to go mano y mano with a car last weekend and, well … him being a dog and the car being well … a car, Simon now has a busted back leg and looks like Frankenstein’s best friend he’s got so many staples in him! Still, docs say he’ll be a-ok in about two months, back outside chasing squirrels and being his normal tail-wagging funster that he is.
And now for the big big BIG news … FINDERS KEEPERS is finally FOR SALE! That’s right, baby! FINDERS KEEPERS is. For. Sale.
With publisher and cover artist Rich Koslowski with me at the 3 Finger Prints booth, we launched Finders Keepers last weekend at the NY Comic-Con. And in just the first week alone we moved almost 75 copies. They’re flying off the shelf!
So get yours while we still got ’em! To order your copies, purchase them online through the 3 Finger Prints website at, with FREE SHIPPING in the U.S.
And just how good is FINDERS KEEPERS? Well, don’t take my word for it. The reviews are in! Here’s what they’re saying:
“Russ Colchamiro created a witty, edgy, funny, and adventurous world filled with action, romance and inspiration! Finders Keepers is a great reminder to live life to the fullest !”

— Rob Magnotti, Comedian, Late Show with David Letterman
“In Finders Keepers Russ Colchamiro invites the reader on an exciting and truly mad cap journey. Fantasia in print!”
— Thomas O’Callaghan, international best-selling author of Bone Thief and The Screaming Room
“An unpredictable tale of cosmic mayhem, fascinating characters, and universal secrets. Finders Keepers proves Colchamiro is a true original.”
— James Chambers,author of Resurrection House and The Midnight Hour
You can also follow my Finder Keepers updates on Facebook, and now I’m a Twittering dude, so if you are so inclined, follow me at @FindKeepNovel.
Huge thanks go out to partner-in-crime Rich Koslowski for having so much confidence in Finders Keepers that he actually published the darn thing — and did the most awesome cover art. Another shout out goes to my man Tony Krebs who handled the printing and made sure we had copies on time for the NY Comic-Con.
So how’s that for a book launch? Pretty good, huh?
There’s actually loads more to announce, but I can’t give you everything at once, can I? Well, I can … but I won’t! LOL!
I’m holding off on announcing more groovy news until next time, so until then, buy your copies of Finders Keepers at and pick up a few extra copies for your friends, family and the guy down the street!
My only request is this: If you like Finders Keepers, tell everyone you know. If you don’t … lie, and tell everyone it was great anyway!
Looking forward to everybody’s feedback. Big things are coming …
Russ (3 Finger Prints)
@FindKeepNovel (Twitter)
Finders Keepers (Facebook)

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