Labor Day Walks, Dexter Season 5 and the Occupational Hazaards of the Diaper Change

First off, happy Labor Day everyone. This weather has been absolutely amazing. Liz and I have been able to take family walks every day, with Nate and Abby in the stroller and Simon overseeing the adventure. If we slow down with the stroller, Simon turns back and starts barking because he doesn’t like to the let the babies out of his sight!
Speaking of babies … last week I had one of those classic baby two-fers.
For the record, I am freakin’ psyched for season 5 of Dexter! Man, that’s an awesome show. There’s a lot of good TV out there, but Dexter is easily a top five show, if not better than that. If you’re not watching Dexter, add that bad boy to your Netflix account and sink into some gruesomely awesome TV.
First I get Nate. For those of you not familiar with changing diapers, you get said baby on his or her back, take their feet two at a time and pull back — like priming the pump — then slide a fresh diaper underneath, and peel back the dirty one. Well as I’ve got Nate’s feet in my hand and tilted back … he starts pooing. A lot. I’m not saying the poo was already there. Oh, no sirree bob. He only had the darn thing on for three hours and certainly that wasn’t enough time to do his business. But just as I peel back the diapers and prime that pump, well, Nate was like a slushy machine … and the ooze kept oozing and oozing and oozing.
That’s how we got started.
Then it was Abby’s turn. Abby. My baby girl. My only daughter. My angel ….
Diaper change was going just fine. Just a little wet, no big deal. And, as I do with every diaper change, before I close up her fresh diaper I rub a little ointment on her butt — gotta fresh skin you know — and all is well. And then after a minute I’m thinking … huh, this ointment is a little more oily than I remember. It’s really kinda …….
Yep. My baby girl, with a big grin on her face, is peeing in my cupped hand.
I’m not entirely sure if they worked out the logistics in advance, but I’m fairly certain Nate and Abby had a good idea of how the night was going to go long before I did.
Switching gears a bit … I am totally bonkers in anticipation for Dexter season 5, which starts at the end of the month. With the babies in tow it’s a bit tougher to schedule any TV time, but for Dexter, I’ll find a way. It’s one of my absolute favorite shows in the past decade. I was hoping to squeeze in all 4 seasons on DVD before the season starts as a primer, but with Finders Keepers promos, NY Comic-Con, my day job and the babies, well …. a Dexter marathon might just be a little ambitious. Still … Dexter, baby!
Till next time …

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