Finders Keepers, Fatherhood and Some Movie Reviews

Okay. Whew. It’s been a while since I’ve surfaced, and now that I’m starting to get my daddy sea legs under me, I’m hoping to be back on a regular blogging schedule with all sorts of updates.
So, to begin …
Yep. Being a dad is awesome. And exhausting! Nate, Abby and mommy are all doing great. We just need to get the twins on the same schedule (okay, don’t laugh … it could happen!), and our lives will really start to settle in (okay, okay … let the laughing commence …).
On the Finders Keepers front, we’ve got an official launch date, baby! Finders Keepers will be debuting at the New York Comic-Con, Oct. 8 – 10. I’ll be at the 3 Finger Prints booth with publisher and Finders Keepers cover artist Rich Koslowski (
I’ll be sending along tons of updates along the way, so stay tuned.
Until then, sign up for the Finders Keepers official page on Facebook, where we’ll be updating regularly.
Switching gears a bit, since I’ve been home with the twins lately I’ve tried to squeeze in a little TV where I can, and I watched a truly strange movie called Harper, from the 1960s, with Paul Newman. If remade today it has Tarantino all over it, but the original is am L.A. Confidential-style noir but with a hippie dippie vibe that results in just a bizarre mangle of elements. Could have been great with the right tone, but otherwise, a really bizarre concoction.
For newer rentals, Liz and I checked out Kick Ass a few weeks back, and, well … it kicks ass! It might be a bit too much for the non-comic-book reading crowd, but it was a wild mix of action, laughs and twisty turns. It might have been the most entertaining movie I’ve seen all year.
I’m also watching Rubicon on AMC, which is pretty good overall. It could use just a little more focus on the high end conspiracy side — seven episodes in and I’m still not totally sure of the scope of the show — but for fans of political thrillers, Rubicon is worth checking out.
Beyond that I’m plugging away on Finders Keepers promotion, and believe it or not, still managing to edit pages on Crossline where I can.
More updates coming soon.

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