Russ’s Newsletter: Vol. 4, Issue 1 – 2010 Starts with a Bang!

Hey Gang-

First off, Happy New Year! I hope 2010 is starting off better than 2009. It sure is on my end. We’re only a month into a new decade and already I’ve got a ton of activity to report on Finders Keepers and Crossline. So let’s get this party started!

* With the holiday season over I’ve been back in touch with publishers, and though there’s nothing official to report just yet about a Finders Keepers deal … things are brewing. I can’t talk specifics at the moment, but there’s been very positive momentum that has things rolling in the right direction. So keep the good vibes flowing!
* Last time around I told you that I had plans to launch a new Web site. Well
… it’s on it’s way! Webmaster Ron has been plugging away behind the scenes, and every day we’re getting closer. The new and improved site is streamlined, simpler and more user-friendly, with version 2.0 more focused on my overall writing projects. We’re still working on the site, but it should go live sooner rather than later. When it does, a big announcement will come your way. The new site is gonna be sweet.
* Also, when we last spoke I mentioned some new Finders Keepers cover art. Like the new web site, it’s coming your way. I’ve seen early sketches, and I can say that we’re off to a heckuva good start. The artist I’m working with knows my book well and does fantastic covers; the Finders Keepers cover will be no exception. You’re gonna love it.
* Believe or not, I’m already looking into the summer and fall Comic-Con schedules, so as we speak I’m looking at what’s doable, and how to get the best promotion out of them. I’ll know more over the next few months.
* Switching gears, my second novel, Crossline, is almost done. I’m doing final edits on my first draft, which I expect to wrap up by the end of February, if not sooner. Once I’m finished, I’ll be passing the manuscript on to my writer inner sanctum, and await their feedback before finalizing the manuscript.
* I’ve been getting a bunch of emails from you guys about my annual Top 10 movies and TV lists. It took me a little while to catch up this year, dropping lots of regular quickies on Facebook, but at long last, the lists are done. For my Top 10 lists, check out my blog at
* Believe it or not there’s actually loads more to share about Finders Keepers and some interesting connections that are coming together … but to find out, you’ll just have to keep coming back for more updates as my adventures unfold.
I’m going to wrap up here, but as you can see, I’m starting off 2010 with a bang. Until next time …

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