Russ’s Newsletter: Vol. 4, Issue 2 – Here Comes CROSSLINE!

Hey Gang-

Daylight’s savings is finally upon us, Spring is on it’s way and Opening Day is just two weeks off. So as we head into the season of re-birth and bloom, here’s the latest about my adventures in publishing:
*It’s taken a year-and-a-half (and about a decade on percolate), but the first complete draft of CROSSLINE is done! D-O-N-E done! In the publishing world, finishing a manuscript is actually just a milestone–not the milestone–but as a writer, completing a first draft is a major cause for celebration. It’s a culmination of all the hours, early mornings, late nights, weekends, research, tweaks and then revisions, revisions and more revisions it takes to pull it all together. So when the day finally arrives, it’s something special.
Of course, there’s still more to be done. The next phase is handing off the manuscript to my writer’s inner sanctum for feedback. Then it’s back to the desk to think about those suggestions, make corrections and updates as necessary, and get a final, complete manuscript ready for publishing. But for now, I’m taking a deep breath to enjoy this milestone. I might even give myself five whole minutes to lay back and relax before I start book No. 3–the first sequel to FINDERS KEEPERS.
* Speaking of FINDERS KEEPERS … I’ve got a few plans in the works that I’m hoping to unveil soon. In the mean time, I’ve got copy editor extraordinaire Barney O’Neill doing a final review for any type-o’s or goofy formatting that might have snuck through.
* In other FINDERS KEEPERS news, what about the new art work I mentioned? Well … it just so happens that it’s underway. I’m not going to give away any details–don’t you just love surprises?–but I will say that the layout captures the goofiness and scope of FINDERS KEEPERS–a tale of cosmic lunacy about two backpackers who get in waaaaaaaaaay over their heads. Figuratively and literally. I’ve seen the sketches. It’s gonna be awesome.
* And what’s up with my new web site? A-ha! I’m glad you asked. Webmaster Ron is doing his usual magic behind the scenes right now. We’re still working out some kinks and making a few adjustments, but version 2.0 is the kind of online destination I think you’re really going to enjoy. Look for an announcement soon.
* And for this issue’s spotlight, let me once again call your attention to DRAWING WITH CHALK, the debut movie from long-time pals Todd Giglio and Chris Springer. It took some perseverance, but DRAWING WITH CHALK is now a regular at film festival all across the country, getting killer reviews wherever it goes. Here’s one for you perusal (
And if you want to follow DRAWING WITH CHALK, join their FACEBOOK group, or check out the Web site at If a film festival is in your area, I highly recommend you go check it out. And if you’ve got a few minutes, send an email to your local paper asking them to interview Todd and Chris, and start showing this movie. It’s a winner.
Okay, so … if you must know–and I know that you do–I’ve actually got loads more to report, but I’ll save some juicy announcements for next time. Until then, have a great start to the Spring, and I’ll be back in May with news I think you’ll get a bang out of. Let’s play two!
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