Russ’ Newsletter Vol. 5, No. 9 – NY Comic-Con + My Star Trek Connection

Hi Gang-

Hard to believe we’ve got Halloween in our sights, but with the ghoulish holiday coming up, here’s some scary good updates in my adventures in publishing:

* This weekend is the NY Comic-Con. I won’t be taking a table this year, but I’ll be there snapping photos, meeting fans, agents, producers and fellow creators, and of course, knocking back a few cold ones with the guys. I’ll be sure to report back on all the news that’s fit to print.

* OK. It’s major milestone time. Just yesterday I handed off Crossline to my editor, none other than horror, fantasy and suspense writer James Chambers ( For those of you unfamiliar with Jim, he’s a writing workhorse, pumping out short stories and novellas seemingly every other day. He’s also one heck of an editor. In fact, in his former life, he once worked as a comic book editor, dealing directly with Spock himself, Leonard Nemoy. Jim also gave me some critical feedback on Finders Keepers, so I know Crossline is in good hands.

Jim should be getting back to me by around mid-December with his feedback, and then I’ll get to work on my latest round of edits.

* In the mean time … I start my prep for the first of two Finders Keepers sequels. I already have the main story mapped out — with a killer ending — and I’ve got notes and such to go through. But for the next two months I’ll be doing a lot of research and reading to make sure that I’ve got the right mojo going when I put on the full court writing press on the sequel in 2012.

* And speaking of Finders Keepers, I’m now in the planning stages for my next round of conventions. The way things are shaping up so far, I’m likely to be doing signings at PhilCon in November, and then Luna-Con and I-Con in the spring of 2012. I’m also looking to add a few more shows to my itinerary, but for now, I’ve got my hands full.

* For those who have been asking, indeed, Finders Keepers is available as an e-book, including through Amazon and Barnes & Noble, as well as places like and many others. You can find it anywhere e-books are sold, and will work with any e-reader.

* And for this edition’s shout out, click below to read a very cool profile about my good buddy Michael Wolfe, a writer/actor/director/producer, whose debut film Maybe Tomorrow is in post-production:


Maybe Tomorrow is a character-driven study on the effects of a crime amongst friends that comes back to haunt them later in life. Michael asked for my input on the script, and I can tell you that you’ll be in for an intense 90 minutes or so of movie time when it comes out.

That’s all she wrote for this edition. I’ll be back next month with NY Comic-Con updates plus a few new surprises up my sleeve to share. Until then …

All the Best,



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