Russ’s Newsletter: Vol. 3, Issue 7 – Happy Holidays

Hi Gang-

It indeed has been a long, strange year, but one that ends on a high note. So with this final–and holiday–update of the year, here’s what’s new in my adventures in publishing, and what lies ahead in 2010:

* Finders Keepers is under discussion with two publishers. Talks will head into January as we break for the holidays, so along with plenty of potato laktes, we’ll see what the Chanukah candles bring me this year (besides Wii Fit; thanks Liz!).

* Speaking of Finders Keepers, I’ve got some brand new artwork coming your way, and from the early chats I’ve had about it, it will be another eye-popping addition. Once the images are done, you’ll be sure to get an eyeful. Gonna be sweet.

* As for my other major project, Crossline, the first draft is almost done. Just an itsy bits smidge-and-a-half to go and I’ll be passing it along to my writer’s inner sanctum for feedback. So as Finders Keepers makes its way down the publishing home stretch, Crossline won’t be far behind. (And yes, I’ve got book #3 queued up and ready to go after that.)

* Moving onto all things Webtastic, the online universe has changed by leaps and bounds over the last year (Facebook and Twitter and iPhones, oh my), and it’s about darn tootin’ time I changed with it. So as promotions for Finders Keepers and Crossline pick up, look for a brand, spankin’ new web site from yours truly, set to launch in the first quarter of 2010. Webmaster Ron and I are working on the layout. The new site will be quick, clean and easy, and, most of all–fun. I think you’re gonna dig it. I’ll be sending out a special notice for its launch.

* And last, though certainly not least, in this issue’s holiday shout out, I want to thank … you! Your ongoing support and enthusiasm is remarkable, and truly appreciated. You always hear that there are so many people to thank when it comes to projects like mine, and I can vouch for that. I may be the one writing the stories and sending the updates, but to all of you … my friends, family and fans who keep rooting for me and cheering me on … I genuinely, deeply thank you.

Every note you send, every word of encouragement, every email, every Facebook post you drop by … they all bring a smile to my face, and make we want to keep on keepin’ on more than ever. So keep ’em coming! I’ll take all the love I can get.

And with that I wish you and your families a festive and happy holidays, and look forward to sharing my writing adventures with you in 2010.



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