Russ’s Newsletter: Vol. 4, Issue 10: Finders Keepers Goes e-book! + Holiday Contest!

Hi Gang-
Last week Liz and I celebrated our very first Thanksgiving with Nate and Abby in tow, and it was a smashing success. Nate had his eyes on my pecan pie and Abby looked pretty interested in cranberry sauce, but in the end they settled for Thanksgiving formula (that’s regular baby formula served on Thanksgiving).
Now … in the spirit of the holiday season, here’s the latest on Finders Keepers:
* First off … Finders Keepers is now an e-book! That’s right. I’ve gone techno, baby! For all you Kindle-type readers, Finders Keepers is now available for download through the gang at DriveThru Comics … no matter what e-reader you use. And because there’s no printing or shipping charges, it’s only $4.99!
Whether you have a Kindle, iPad or any other device that reads e-books, Finders Keepers is just a click away! That’s right. We serve ’em all! To order your e-book version of Finders Keepers, click here:
* Speaking of the holidays … what better time to get a FREE, SIGNED copy of Finders Keepers? That’s right. It’s contest time! For the month of December only, you have the chance for a free, personalized copy of Finders Keepers, plus other goodies. To join the fun, click here:
* And for this week’s shout out, I did a guest blog exchange with fellow sci-fi writer and all around nice guy Mark Oetjens. On my site, he wrote about his Star Wars addiction ( and I wrote on his site about how Finders Keepers ties into H.G. Wells’ The Time Machine and an episode of The Big Bang Theory (
As for my best dog Simon, he’s healing quite nicely. We had his leg scanned a few weeks ago and the surgeon said he’s looking great. Will probably be another few more weeks still until he’s back to full Simon mode, but his tail-wagging mojo is back in force, he’s eating up a storm and he’s just dying to get out there and chase some squirrels. We’re hoping that by the New Year Simon will be 100 percent.
That’s all she wrote for this time around. I’ll be back before year’s end with some final holiday wishes and what’s in store for 2011.
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