Russ’s Newsletter: Vol. 4, Issue 9 – Finders Keepers Goes International!

Hey Gang-
As the holiday season gets underway — with a gobble gobble here and some presents presents there — there’s just loads to report about Finders Keepers, so, as my hero Jackie Gleason used to say, and awaaaay we go …
* Finders Keepers launched at the NY Comic-Con just last month and the buzz keeps on building. In just the last week or so I’ve even gotten a half dozen orders from overseas buyers. That’s right. Finders Keepers has gone International baby! Copies have gone out to Canada, England and New Zealand, and who knows what’s next?
We’re still working out a few kinks in the system, but for anybody from across the pond who wants a copy, email me direct and we’ll make sure we get one in your hands. Signed by yours truly! Gotta love PayPal.
And for all you homegrown (or even imported) Americans, you can order your signed, personalized copy by visiting and clicking the “Buy Finders Keepers” tab.
* Next up on the Finders Keepers tour is PhilCon. It’s a funky little science fiction convention outside of Philadelphia, Saturday, Nov. 20. So if anybody is in the Cherry Hill, NJ, area this weekend, come on by! I’ll be there with fellow writer (and Finders Keepers endorser James Chambers) meeting new fans and signing copies.
* And what’s up with the electronic version of Finders Keepers? Well … I have an official e-book contract! Woo Hoo! If all goes well, Finders Keepers should be available as an e-book before the cranberry sauce even hits the turkey table. Talk about some sweet pumpkin pie! Stay tuned. Coming any day now …
* Of course, for anybody who wants a sneak peak at Finders Keepers, the prologue is available — FREE! — by clicking here:
* And to see my video interview at the NY Comic-Con, click here:
* And for this edition’s shout out, fellow sci-fi writer Cathryn Isakson generously asked me to do a guest sci-fi blog on her site. That’s right! To read about how I mixed sci-fi elements in Finders Keepers with the modern day world, click here:
Okay. That’s all she wrote for this edition. But I’ll be back soon with updates, including the status of the Finders Keepers e-book, plus another guest blog I did and Finders Keepers contests that will be coming your way soon.
Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!
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