Russ’s Newsletter: Vol. 4, Issue 8 – Finders Keepers Sneak Peak + Video Interview!

Hey Gang-
Holy Bucket of Candy, Batman, it’s November already! My little man Nate dressed up on his first Halloween as a penguin and my best girl Abby went as a piglet. And with the changing of the leaves comes the sweet smell of … Finders Keepers, baby!
My humorous science fiction novel, which clocks in at a speedy 301 pages, is selling, selling, selling and getting killer reviews. But more on that in a minute, as I have a few pretty sweet surprises for you as the holiday shopping season gets under way (hint-hint):
* If you click the link below, it will take you to an awesome video interview with yours truly, talking about Finders Keepers! The boys at the Syzygy Network, a funky new sci-fi channel, stopped by my booth at the 2010 NY Comic-Con and we just chatted away about my book. So … if you want to see me in action … and get to know how Finders Keepers came together … just click this link and you’ll get the whole story:
* Okay, so … you’ve been hearing all about Finders Keepers for quite a while. Anybody want a sneak peak? FREE? Well, guess what? Now you can! For a look at the opening chapter of Finders Keepers, click here, and you’ll know — without any doubts whatsoever — what kind of fun-filled, cosmic romp you’re in for:
* And there’s more! Buying your personalized copy of Finders Keepers, signed by me, is easier than ever! There’s now a “Buy Finders Keepers” button under the Main Menu on the left hand side of my web site. I’ll sign each book, made out to you. Just visit my site, click the “Buy Finders Keepers” button, and buy away! With free shipping in the U.S.!
* Wait! But there’s more. In just a few weeks I’ll be attending PhilCon, a low-key, but quality science fiction convention outside of Philadelphia, the weekend of November 20. I’ll be there with good buddy and fellow writer (and Finders Keepers endorser) Jim Chambers, where I’ll be meeting new fans and signing copies. So if anybody’s in the Philly area that Saturday, let me know and I’ll see you there.
* In other news, my best dog Simon is on the mend after a run-in with a car. He still favors that busted back leg (fair enough), but he’s putting pressure on it more and more and getting around pretty darn well, all things considered. Simon has since accepted, although reluctantly so, that a 4,000-lb. automobile has a bit more heft than he does, but that hasn’t deterred his awesome, goofy spirit. Although he’ll be kept in close quarters for about 6 more weeks, his mojo is zooming back toward full Simon mode every day.
* And for this issue’s shout-out, HUGE HUGE props to go Finders Keepers Webmaster Ron Benchetrit, one of the unsung heroes of the team. He designed and maintained my old web site, did the same for the new site, and keeps my online operations in good shape. If not for Ron, I’d be sending out updates via smoke signal! So to Ron … Thanks!
OK, folks. That’s all she wrote for this addition. I’ll be back in a few weeks with more updates about Finders Keepers, Simon, Nate and Abby and my next book, Crossline, which, believe it or not, is shaping up nicely.
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