My Passover Smackdown

For Passover this year Liz and I headed out to New Jersey, to have an early Seder at her parent’s place. Since we were going out there, we loaded up the car with some stuff we wanted to put into storage, including a few boxes of books, and our bicycles. It took a few trips, but I got everything into the garage in our building … only to find out that both bicycles won’t fit in the trunk. Bummer. So that meant unloading the trunk, re-arranging the space, and bringing one of the bicycles back up to the apartment (they didn’t fit in the back seat).
Once we got off and running, I quickly saw that the trunk–which I fastened with bungee cords–wasn’t securely fastened. So I had to pull over on a side street and lay down the ground to unhinge the bungee cord. But as I did, I got a huge exhaust blast in the face from the exhaust pipe, on the driver’s side of the car. I immediately turned the other way … only to get blasted by the other exhaust pipe, on the passenger’s side.
This clearly wasn’t working, so I went back into the car, to turn off the engine. Liz then called my attention to Simon, who was struggling in the back seat. See … once I got out of the car the first time, he took that to mean that he was getting out too, and managed to get tangled up in his harness. As I tried to untangle him, he bucked forward … and bam! He headbutted me right in the face, smashing his forehead into the bridge of my glasses and my face.
And I still need to deal with the trunk.
So I go back outside, lay back down on the street … and blam! The bungee cord came unhinged and snap-cracked me right in the face.
Exhaust. Headbutt. Bungee cord.
I have to admit, that wasn’t exactly how I wanted my holiday to start. Then again, it wasn’t quite as bad as, say, the Passover plagues sent down to smite the Pharoh, so all things considered, I guess I got off easy.
Plus I got to eat brisket, turkey and matzoh ball soup.
Yep. Way better than getting smote.

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