Russ’s Newsletter: Vol. 3, Issue 4 – DWC – Award-Winning Movie!

Hey Gang,


I hope everybody is feeling groovy now that summer is almost upon us. As usual I’ve been busy, busy on the writing front, and have oodles of news to report …


* With the San Diego Comic-Con next month, I want to have FINDERS KEEPERS in the best shape possible for pitching to Hollywood. Well … about two months ago good buddy and fellow writer Jim Chambers did me a major solid and read FINDERS KEEPERS, and gave me some much needed feedback that has put this novel over the top!


I’m still working on a few nips and tucks, but thanks to Jim FINDERS KEEPERS is hitting its max excitement potential. So to Jim Chambers … you the man! Couldn’t have done it without you! In fact, we both blogged about the exchange, which I encourage you to read on my web site (see April 28 blog), or Jim’s take on his site (


* Speaking of FINDERS KEEPERS, yet another publisher has asked to read this wacky tale of cosmic lunacy. So you bet your booty they got pages of the newly enhanced version, FINDERS KEEPERS 2.0, if you will. Just goes to show that the longer I keep plugging away the more interest I get …


* And speaking of Comic-Con … holy crow it’s next month! Once again I’ll be heading out to San Diego with partners-in-crime Rich Henn ( and Rich Koslowski (, and will be armed with copies of the FINDERS KEEPERS video trailer, which, if you haven’t seen yet, can be viewed on the home page of my Web site. Just scroll down to the bottom, press the big red button and crank up the volume …


* So … with all this FINDERS KEEPERS activity, what’s up with CROSSLINE? Well … I’m glad you asked. Once FINDERS KEEPERS 2.0 is fully locked and loaded, I’ll be getting back to editing CROSSLINE full time. If all goes as planned, I should have a finished draft to send around to my writer buddy inner sanctum soon enough …


* And for this month’s spotlight … I know you’ve been hearing me talk a lot about this gem of a movie called DRAWING WITH CHALK … well … please join me in giving a HUGE shout-out to Todd Giglio and Chris Springer, who just won the BEST AMERICAN FEATURE award at the Heart of England Film Festival. AMAZING! If you want to know more about the movie, go to


Good gravy that was a lot of info! That’s all for this time around. But stay tuned and I’ll be back soon with all the highlights from the San Diego Comic-Con you can handle! Until then … get away from your darn computers and go outside. It’s almost summer fer cryin’ out loud.




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