Finders Keepers

Russ Colchamiro's hilarious, critically-acclaimed debut novel, published by Three Finger Prints.

Finders Keepers is a sci-fi buddy comedy, loosely based on Colchamiro's backpacking trips through Europe and New Zealand, set against a quest for a jar that contains the Universe's DNA ... with the fate of the Milky Way hanging in the balance!

For fans of authors such as Terry Pratchett, Christopher Moore and Douglas Adams, plus TV shows and movies such as Quantum Leap, Eureka, The Big Bang Theory, Time Bandits and Scott Pilgrim vs. the World ... Finders Keepers is for you.

The narrative tackles loyalty, friendship, sex and desire, plus travel, reincarnation ... and what really happened to the dinosarus!

This hilarious romp also includes a wrap-around cover by award-winning comic book artist Rich Koslowski.

All copies ordered here will be autographed and personalized to you by the author, RUSS COLCHAMIRO.

Over-sized soft cover novel, 300 pages, $13.99.


Price: $13.99


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