Guest Blog: 3 Finger Prints Announces FINDERS KEEPERS

For this edition, here’s a guest (that is, re-posted) blog from Finders Keeprs publisher and cover artist Rich Koslowski:

Good evening,

I am proud to announce that my first official foray into publishing another creator’s work has finally happened! And that the book, Finders Keepers, by newcomer, Russ Colchamiro, is pretty darn awesome! A cosmic romp that, when I first proof read it, reminded me of a good–nay, GREAT– Terry Pratchett novel. And praise like that doesn’t come lightly as I am a H-U-G-E Terry Pratchett fan.

Russ has managed to write a novel that clicks on all the cylinders I like…Solid plot, great characters and character interaction, sci-fi/fantasy elements, humor, and heart. He’s managed to mix all these elements into a compelling story about how creation was started and the universe continues to be built by some very oddball “cosmic entities.” Who’d’ve ever thunk that the universe’s DNA would be stored in a simple jar???

Anyway, when Russ asked me to proof his copy at Comic-Con a few years back I was excited, flattered and nervous all at the same time. While I had only met him a few days earlier we became fast friends. And although we seemed to share the same likes and dislikes I’m always leery when a friend asks me to proof or review something for them…I mean, there’s always the chance that it stinks, and then whattaya say, right?

Well, I’m publishing the darn thing so there’s your answer!

I even offered to do the cover art I was so enthused!

Here’s a few other nifty reviews by some pretty notable luminaries!…

“In Finders Keepers, Russ Colchamiro invites the reader on an exciting and truly madcap journey. An engaging story that entertains with effervescence. Fantasia in print!” ––Thomas O’Callaghan, internationally best-selling author of Bone Thief and The Screaming Room

“An unpredictable tale of cosmic mayhem, fascinating characters, and universal secrets. Finders Keepers proves Colchamiro is a true original.” — James Chambers, author of Resurrection House and The Midnight Hour.

“ ‘Yes’ to Finders Keepers! Russ Colchamiro created a witty, edgy, funny and adventurous world filled with action, romance and inspiration! Finders Keepers is a great reminder to live life to the fullest!” ––Rob Magnotti, Comedian; Impressionist; Actor

Pretty sweet stuff, hey?

The novel will be debuting at this weekend’s New York Comic-Con at the Jacob Javitz Center. The show runs Fri-Sunday, October 8-10th, and I have a booth #549 where Russ and I will both be signing all weekend. So please come by if you’re there and check out Russ’ slick new novel and all my usual awesome goods as well.




A Tornado in Queens, Daddy Time and Hawaii Five-O

September has been a pretty bizarre month so far.
Last week I was at a meeting in Manhattan, which wrapped around 5:30 pm. It was pouring rain outside, so I held back in the lobby of the building I was in, and waited for it to pass. By 5:45, there was barely a drizzle. I had another meeting at 7, and by the time I went to the subway at 8, you would hardly know it had rained.
And then I got off the subway in Queens.
A storefront window was broken, and I thought maybe they got robbed, or just vandalized. then I turned the corner and it was like I was in the middle of a Twilight Zone episode. Trees were down. Cars smashed. Streets blocked off. Sidewalks ripped up. Branches filling up the streets. I haven’t seen that kind of destruction since Hurricane Gloria 25 years ago. A tornado blew through my neighborhood — apparently in just a matter or seconds — and just ripped the place apart. A woman was killed on Queens Blvd. a few blocks from where I live because a tree fell on her car. Luckily, my apartment didn’t suffer any damage, and we didn’t lose power, so all in all I was pretty unaffected, but wow. What a day.
Meanwhile, daddy’s little kids Nate and Abby are doing great, eatin’ and fussin’ and smilin’ and just being the amazing little wonders that they are. They’re already 6 weeks old, which seems just impossible to me, and they’re soooo much bigger than when they were born it kinda freaks me out when I see pictures of them from their very first day. It’s really just the most incredible thing.
And, of course, Finders Keepers is about to debut. That same week I got a FED EX in the mail from the printer for me to OK the final pages. So that was pretty awesome! The final pages are actually printing now ….
In between all this mayhem I’m trying to find time to squeeze in a little TV. I’m psyched to watch Boardwalk Empire and the new Hawaii Five-O. On the movie side, I’d like to see The Town, which looks great, and I’m kinda hoping Red is a fun popcorn movie where things blow up real good. They’ll have to be rentals, ‘cuz my butt ain’t gettin’ to the movies any time soon.
So, that’s my story and I’m sticking with it.
Til next time.

Labor Day Walks, Dexter Season 5 and the Occupational Hazaards of the Diaper Change

First off, happy Labor Day everyone. This weather has been absolutely amazing. Liz and I have been able to take family walks every day, with Nate and Abby in the stroller and Simon overseeing the adventure. If we slow down with the stroller, Simon turns back and starts barking because he doesn’t like to the let the babies out of his sight!
Speaking of babies … last week I had one of those classic baby two-fers.
For the record, I am freakin’ psyched for season 5 of Dexter! Man, that’s an awesome show. There’s a lot of good TV out there, but Dexter is easily a top five show, if not better than that. If you’re not watching Dexter, add that bad boy to your Netflix account and sink into some gruesomely awesome TV.
First I get Nate. For those of you not familiar with changing diapers, you get said baby on his or her back, take their feet two at a time and pull back — like priming the pump — then slide a fresh diaper underneath, and peel back the dirty one. Well as I’ve got Nate’s feet in my hand and tilted back … he starts pooing. A lot. I’m not saying the poo was already there. Oh, no sirree bob. He only had the darn thing on for three hours and certainly that wasn’t enough time to do his business. But just as I peel back the diapers and prime that pump, well, Nate was like a slushy machine … and the ooze kept oozing and oozing and oozing.
That’s how we got started.
Then it was Abby’s turn. Abby. My baby girl. My only daughter. My angel ….
Diaper change was going just fine. Just a little wet, no big deal. And, as I do with every diaper change, before I close up her fresh diaper I rub a little ointment on her butt — gotta fresh skin you know — and all is well. And then after a minute I’m thinking … huh, this ointment is a little more oily than I remember. It’s really kinda …….
Yep. My baby girl, with a big grin on her face, is peeing in my cupped hand.
I’m not entirely sure if they worked out the logistics in advance, but I’m fairly certain Nate and Abby had a good idea of how the night was going to go long before I did.
Switching gears a bit … I am totally bonkers in anticipation for Dexter season 5, which starts at the end of the month. With the babies in tow it’s a bit tougher to schedule any TV time, but for Dexter, I’ll find a way. It’s one of my absolute favorite shows in the past decade. I was hoping to squeeze in all 4 seasons on DVD before the season starts as a primer, but with Finders Keepers promos, NY Comic-Con, my day job and the babies, well …. a Dexter marathon might just be a little ambitious. Still … Dexter, baby!
Till next time …

Finders Keepers, Fatherhood and Some Movie Reviews

Okay. Whew. It’s been a while since I’ve surfaced, and now that I’m starting to get my daddy sea legs under me, I’m hoping to be back on a regular blogging schedule with all sorts of updates.
So, to begin …
Yep. Being a dad is awesome. And exhausting! Nate, Abby and mommy are all doing great. We just need to get the twins on the same schedule (okay, don’t laugh … it could happen!), and our lives will really start to settle in (okay, okay … let the laughing commence …).
On the Finders Keepers front, we’ve got an official launch date, baby! Finders Keepers will be debuting at the New York Comic-Con, Oct. 8 – 10. I’ll be at the 3 Finger Prints booth with publisher and Finders Keepers cover artist Rich Koslowski (
I’ll be sending along tons of updates along the way, so stay tuned.
Until then, sign up for the Finders Keepers official page on Facebook, where we’ll be updating regularly.
Switching gears a bit, since I’ve been home with the twins lately I’ve tried to squeeze in a little TV where I can, and I watched a truly strange movie called Harper, from the 1960s, with Paul Newman. If remade today it has Tarantino all over it, but the original is am L.A. Confidential-style noir but with a hippie dippie vibe that results in just a bizarre mangle of elements. Could have been great with the right tone, but otherwise, a really bizarre concoction.
For newer rentals, Liz and I checked out Kick Ass a few weeks back, and, well … it kicks ass! It might be a bit too much for the non-comic-book reading crowd, but it was a wild mix of action, laughs and twisty turns. It might have been the most entertaining movie I’ve seen all year.
I’m also watching Rubicon on AMC, which is pretty good overall. It could use just a little more focus on the high end conspiracy side — seven episodes in and I’m still not totally sure of the scope of the show — but for fans of political thrillers, Rubicon is worth checking out.
Beyond that I’m plugging away on Finders Keepers promotion, and believe it or not, still managing to edit pages on Crossline where I can.
More updates coming soon.

Iron Man 2 – Russ’s Movie Review

The first IRON MAN movie, which I’ve now seen several times, really holds up. It’s fun and fresh and has a vitality that’s been missing from some of the superhero/comic book movies of late. And while I didn’t necessarily expect the sequel to be as good as the first, I certainly hoped it would be.
It wasn’t.
I still enjoyed IRON MAN 2, and would see it again, but overall it felt flat. The pacing was off. It felt more like they were going through the motions than truly having a great time.
Robert Downey Jr. is still a great Iron Man/Tony Stark, and we want to root for him, but even his performance felt like it was about a half-beat behind where it was in the first movie. Although he does still have great chemistry with Gwenyth Paltrow as Pepper Potts. Their love tension worked.
This was (to a degree) and totally should have been, Mickey Rourke’s movie. He was perfectly cast as Whiplash. But I wanted more of him. More Whiplash would have been a better movie. He was a motivated villain, portrayed by an actor with the gravitas to pull it off. Sam Rockwell as industrialist Justin Hammer was the right mix of Stark’s nemesis/comic relief, but he got a lot of screen time compared to the heroes we’re supposed to root for.
And regardless of her performance, per se, if you can’t get on board with a red-headed Scarlett Johansen in skin-tight leather kicking butt, then you’ve come for the wrong movie (hey, don’t judge me).
As for the action … it went (mostly) to waste. Did I really need a fight scene between Rhodey/War Machine and a drunken Tony Stark/Iron Man? Not really. It was loud and messy, but it didn’t propel the story much. And for the climactic battle scene, which did have a few cool twists, it was mostly Iron Man blowing up a bunch of flying robots. Snore. I wanted more of Iron Man going toe-to-toe with Whiplash.
Iron Man 2 is not disaster, but it’s not a home run either. It’s a watchable comic book movie that could have, and should have, been a lot better. It’s forgettable. Hopefully they’ll rebound with Iron Man 3.

Five More (Random) Things I’m Grateful For

In no particular order:
* Yogurt muffins – I have a strong wheat allergy, so I can’t eat most breads or cereals, including waffles, bagels and pancakes. Instead I mostly eat yogurt-based muffins for breakfast, which go down just fine. And they’re tasty as heck. So thanks yogurt muffins.
* Baseball – Although a Yankees fan through and through, I can pretty much watch any two teams play baseball. I just love the game. It evokes summer and sun and outdoors and easy Saturday afternoons and all things relaxed and fun. I’ll take it every time.
* Liz’s Pregnant Belly – We’ve only got a few months to go before the babies come, and unless we get a real surprise, this is it for us. This will likely be Liz’s only pregnancy. There’s just something truly amazing at watching her belly grow, and feeling the babies kick now and again. I always thought it would be cool, but until you actually experience it, there’s no way to really prepare for it. I’m thrilled for the kids to come, but I’m enjoying the pregnant belly while it’s here.
* Timing the Subway – It doesn’t happen nearly as often I’d like, but there’s something awesome about walking down the stairs, to the subway platform, and having the train arrive just when you do — and you can get a seat. I’d unofficially estimate it all comes together like that about 7 percent of the time, but when it does, it’s sweet. Life is complicated enough, so when you get that smooth transition from place to place, without hassle or waiting, it just brings a smile to my face. And reminds me that maybe I’ve been living in the city too long!
* Bryan Cranston in Breaking Bad – I’m still only in the early stages of Breaking Bad season 2, but it’s one of the best shows I’ve seen in a long time. And Bryan Cranston (otherwise known as the dad from Malcolm in the Middle) delivers one of the most intense, nuanced performances ever. I never would have suspected he had such talent, but he does. His portrayal of Walter White will go down in TV history. It’s simply incredible to watch. 

House Season 6 – Review

After six seasons, HOUSE is essentially what it’s always been, and yet so much more. Episode to episode the format is the same. Patient has some bizarre symptoms, House and his team guess and treat, guess and treat, and as the patient speeds toward death, House berates his team for being morons (at least compared to him), until he finally has an a-ha moment in the nick of time, and saves the day.
And yet the most compelling reason to watch is the characters themselves, House in particular.
The self destructive House has legitimately tried to change his curmudgeonly ways. He doesn’t always do so well, but at least, in his own half-assed attempts, he’s making the effort.
House loves Cuddy, but won’t come out and say so. Cuddy loves House, but won’t come out and say so. House cherishes Wilson’s friendship, but won’t come out and say so. Wilson actually says so, but gets rebuffed by House regularly for doing so. And for reasons that are always entirely clear, they all try to help House be well, less House-like.
As for his team of docs, well … they’re kind of interesting, I suppose. Chase is a little too mopey, even with his doc wife, Cameron, divorcing him. Foreman is just an outright bummer, Taub, for his part, has at least tried to battle his infidelity demons, to varying degrees of success, and, of course, Thirteen is certainly easy on the eyes and for me, at least, the most compelling doc on House’s team. But in the end, you watch House for House himself.
In what was essentially a two-part season finale, House gets the ultimate House confrontation — House on House. I won’t give away any spoilers, but after trying to save a young woman’s life as she’s trapped in a collapsed parking garage, we finally see House move toward something–or someone–he’s wanted all along. But given House’s past, given his drug addiction and hallucinations … is it, as he asks, even real?
All in all House is House is House. I’d still like to see the show evolve more than it has, perhaps having cases stretch across multiple episodes, rather than the “case of the week” format, but if you’re looking for medical mysteries, black humor and the peeling away of personalities, House still delivers.
House Season 6 Finale
Grade: A-
House Season 6
Grade: B

Corey Haim Cause of Death — Pneunomia? Really?

The official autopsy report regarding Corey Haim’s death last month says that he died of natural causes — i.e. pneumonia. It isn’t often that a 38-year-old man in Western culture dies of this, but OK. If you say so.
The reporter also says the following:
“These medications are present in low levels and are non-contributory to death:”
* An antidepressant (Prozac)
* An antipsychotic (Olanzapine)
* Diazepam (Valium)
* A muscle relaxer (Carisoprodol)
* A tranquilizer (meprobamate)
* THC (a chemical in marijuana)
* A cough suppressant
* An antihistamine
* Ibuprofen
Ummm … I know I’m not a doctor, but all those drugs really had nothing to do with his death?
I’ve got nothing against the guy, but methinks this report sounds a wee bit suspicious …

Russ’ Newsletter: Vol. 4, Issue 3 – And Babies Make … Five?

It’s that time again, with lots of news to share. So with Spring in the air, and Simon’s chew toys every, every, everywhere, I’ll jump right in:
* So what’s the latest on Finders Keepers? Oooh. So glad you asked. As you read this very newsletter I’ve got some KILLER new artwork underway from partner-in-crime and totally awesome comic book dude Rich Koslowski (, who is brewing up a Finders Keepers masterpiece. Once the artwork is complete  … should be very soon … I’ll send word of the official unveiling. Gonna be sa-weet.
* Speaking of Rich Koslowski, his own new comic book project … BB Wolf and the Three LPs … is out this month, with Rich doing the artwork (which is amazing, by the way). BB Wolf is a retelling of the classic Three Little Pigs, with a new twist, putting our hero … Mr. Wolf … as a blues singer from the 1920s, who pretty much gets the shaft. Look for BB Wolf and the Three LPs on Rich’s Web site ( or at your local comic book shop.
* In other Finders Keepers news, a few weeks back I hung out at the 2010 Boston Comic-Con with partner-in-crime Rich Henn (, talking up Finders Keepers, making contacts, buying comics, and taking pics. To read about the show, check out my blogs from early April, and look for pics in the Photos section of my web site.
* And for yet even more Finders Keepers news, most of you know I recently launched my new Web site (, which I updated to be more streamlined and user-friendly. So if you haven’t already, check it out, click around, and let me know what you think. Also, a big shout out goes to Webmaster Ron Benchetrit, who was the technical brains (and brawn) behind the new site. Thanks Ron!
* As for my other big project, I just got my first batch of feedback on my second novel, Crossline, and it looks I’ve got to start the darn thing all over again. … Just kidding! The early word on Crossline is extremely positive, and now that I’ve got some helpful eyes on the page, I can start redrafting a few scenes, making tweaks where necessary, and get the manuscript in publisher shape as soon as possible. It’s gonna rock!
* And, last but certainly not least  … for some big personal news … for those who don’t know yet … I’m gonna be a dad. Twice. Yep. Twins on the way. Due in August. Liz is in full preggers mode, with mommy and the babies all doing well. We are spending loads of time prepping our apartment, purging closets, registering for baby gear and pretty much planning to have our lives taken over!
And for those of you who are wondering … noooooooo, we don’t know the sex of the babies …. and noooooooo, we’re not going to find out until they show up. But for those of you who think it’s outrageous, egregious and downright batty that we won’t find out in advance, if it’s any consolation … the babies will either be two boys, two girls or one of each.

Simon doesn’t even know about the new arrivals yet, but I’m starting to think he suspects something’s up. Our little family is getting bigger … and fast!
So … as I prepare for impending fatherhood (and even less sleep than I get now), that’s all the news that’s fit to print for this edition. I suspect I’ll have even more (and very cool) news to report quite soon, so stay tuned for updates as the summer sun finds its way here.
To fatherhood … and beyond!
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Simon: Year One

I can’t believe it’s been a year already, but one year ago today Liz and I drove
into New Jersey and adopted Simon.
My entire life I’ve been a cat person, and now I’m a dog person too!
Happy Anniversary Simon! It’s been a great year. And we’ve got many more
ahead …
And for a little history … what Simon’s got there is a souvenir from my
bachelor party. The guys thought it would be just heeee-larious to get my this
devil-horned hat to wear as we went bar-hopping.

So I did.

Mayhem ensued. And now it’s Simon’s newest chew toy.

Yep. That’s my Simon for ya …

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